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Learn how AI conversational advertisements & emails, help companies engage higher.

Reach out to wider audience on similar sites by
publishing your conversational sites - botsites and
attract audience with social connections and stories.

Conversational ads which explains your products

helping people engage directly with your ads.


Build Social Connect - No more boring promotions.

Most people get bored with promotions and products and don't check these ads, emails and messages.

People love connecting socially, so integrate a unique social experience on your campaigns, website, emails.


Host your site & social channel on similar sites

Take your interactive sites hosted as conversation bots on similar websites - BotSites.

BotSite explains your products and drives sales. It attracts new users through social stories & events of your brand.


Email and Message BotSite

People love clicking on socially relavent articles, elements on emails.

Reach out to your audience on email, messages with more social elements added to your email/message.

Your site & social groups hosted across millions of
similar websites and blogs

Build your network and make people check your company products on our publisher blogs with millions of visitors


Peer-Hosting on similar webistes

Host your interactive bots which have all the website features like product carts, payments and quick interactions embedded.


Product Explanations & Quick Leads

Explain key product features, highlights and allow people explore products, order them and book services directly from similar blog, content sites.


Connect socially on millions of websites

BotSite adds more key conversion points for users to be interested in. Social stories of users and products help user check your websites more often.


Social Stories for Emails

People love checking stories on Instagram, Facebook and more. Now add stories to your emails which enhances chances of user checking emails. 

Add Most Clicked Social Elements on E-Mails


Message BotSite

Want to bring customers to your nearest store ?

Or want them to really check their personal offers and be influenced by social stories.

Add message bot to messages you send and bring more user interaction.

Provide useful features on messages.

We like to add value and the feedbacks too!

BotSite is an interesting platform to help develop a social ecosystem for the company which is highly required in today's time. It helps us connect better with our customers and patrons.

Sending emails and running campaigns is a tedious task, while preparing healthy recipes! BotSite helped us overcome this cost intensive process with their platform for promotions & emails.

BotSite helped us realise the importance of social integrations in today's era. Despite spending alot on emails & ads, ROI had been stagnant. BotSite has managed to increase responses by nearly 20% 

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