Live chat for each article on your blog.

Let users engage with other people with Live Article Chat . Give a reason for people to revisit your blogs and follow up conversations.


Multi article chat at one place

Users love to interact and share views on different articles

- Helping your blog revisits, as people keep visiting to continue chats.

- Increases internal redirections every time people interact on different articles, increasing user stay time.

Build a reader journey

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Dedicated chat for each article

Pre-build tool creates dedicated chat for each article, blog and any feature you may wish to have an interesting chat.

All inside one widget, letting users explore all the chats for differnt article at one place

More the chat, more the pages explored

With more interactions, as users check more chats on other articles, they also get to explore more pages.

Giving you more audience per user, ensuring higher engagement.


Monetize Interactions

Leverage interactions into revenue with new conversational BotSites embedded with chats which are configurable for use cases.

Loved by millions

Get conversations going with advanced features like article chat recommendations and emojis.


Install BotSite Article Chat in simple steps



Sign up to the platform and register your blog



Embed a single line of script in your blog


Create Conversations

Start conversations immediately

Spam Protection for healthy conversations

Our BotSite Filter Protect detects and prevents any spam messages, foul words or unsolicitated message.

Higher Site Redirections, longer retentions

With more peopel participating on chats of each article, redirect on more pages and make people stay longer

Monetize with any AdNetwork

Include any ad network in the live chat widget, helping you increase your revenue with upto 3 times.

Get First Free Integration

Integrate your live chat now.