Website visitors now 15x your traffic with influencers

Create on-site and off-site influencers by enabling your website visitors become video-influencer for you.

Conversational video-bot to drive sales conversions
and video influencers for 15x traffic

Conversational Video-Bot

Video-bot is first of a kind conversational video software powering on-site influencer community

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 On-site video influencers 

Social commerce is at the heart and videos are the engine of e-commerce today.

BotSite combines this by enabling visitors to become video influencers leading higher sales & stickiness powered by video-bot.

Power visitors to become video bloggers

Increase of traffic and let people make money !


Off-site influencers

Convert any blog or content to videos. People get an exclusive personalised magazine.

People share their video-magazine with friends, relatives on facebook, whatsapp, twitter.

When they increase their subscribers, you win.

Cost-free social media advertising

Turn your discounts into advertising channel


Free advertising when you offer discounts

When you offer discounts, let people redeem it on sharing video-blogs of your company and make money.


People become video-blogger resellers

People also get to increase subscribers helping them earn credits which again increses your sales.


10x lead generation and conversions

So without spending money, you get free advertisements from the discounts you currently offer.

80% people leave without purchase?

Make them earn money by becoming resellers
and see them shopping even more.


Visitors to Resellers

BotSite focusses on informative videos which people can share to earn affiliate marketing commissions and cashbacks.

So people who don't purchase themselves can now market and earn money with simple videos.

On Exit Video Magazines for leads

GIve people a chance to create, share and make money from video magazines if they intend to leave. This generates higher leads

Video Bot for influencer marketing

When people become infleuncers not only they increase your sales but also resellers and subscribers.

What we have achieved

BotSite is helping companies revolutionise marketing and traffic channel
with conversational videos.






It's really surprising how I was missing out on influencer traffic while giving discounts

BotSite not only helped us unlock this value with conversational videos but also helps us engage our audience much better.

Erica Lawrence

Founder, CEO


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