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DMC Advantage

Are you a digital marketing company who wants to offer more than just content to your clients?

Get more clients and provide more value to your existing clients by converting their blogs to QA and generate leads through botsite tool.

How DMC Advantage works?

You write blogs for your clients , what if the blog converts to a question answers through which the blog visitors can interact , be ingtrigued to give their email by a convincing AI. Now build your email leads through blogs by more than just a subscribe button.

How you benefit?

Make the best for your clients and your organization


Add our tool to your clients blogs or website

Just add one script tag and it will automatically check the content on the website and the blog to generate questions and answers based on each article. The tool will be shown at the bottom right corner of each page 


You get topic suggestions in the form of questions

BotSite provides user behaviour based questions which are being asked related to topics in your industry. You can write content based on those questions to get better targeted SEO


Your client and you, both get long term content solution

It helps build a long term relationship with your client as they benefit from better content creation and lead generation from their content.

The Advantage

DMCs get 46% more content writings and marketing work

DMCs which offer our lead generation tool along with their content marketing package get more clients and new work from their existing clients

Companies have seen 62% increase in answering right questions and lead generation.

People have questions while reading a blog. Botsite gives them question answer sugesstions to improve their understanding as well as live comments from existing users so as to intrigue site visitors to engage and generate lead through emails.

Special Discounted Pricing

You ll be recieving a special demo and heavy discounted pricing if you are a digital marketing company who wants to grow rapidly.



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